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What is a Cloud Kitchen?

A cloud kitchen, is also known as a “ghost kitchen” or “virtual kitchen,” is a digital-first food delivery service without a physical dining area.

  • Online Ordering Only: Customers place orders exclusively through online platforms, and their food are delivered directly to their homes, skipping the need for a traditional Restaurarnt visit.
  • Shared Kitchen Spaces: Multiple restaurant brands can operate from one central location using cloud kitchens. This partnership strategy increases productivity and improves costs. 
  • Part of the Food Franchise Industry: The fast-growing food and beverage franchise market includes cloud kitchens, which offer owners an exciting business model.
  • New Concepts: Cloud kitchens provide a platform for experimenting with new business concepts and culinary ideas within the food industry, fostering innovation and creativity.
  • Growing Popularity:  delivery food services has propelled the popularity of cloud kitchens, offering a wide variety of food options at competitive prices compared to traditional restaurants.

How to Start a Cloud Kitchen:-

Start cloud kitchen franchise
cloud kitchen franchise

 Cloud kitchen Step-by-Step Guide

Food franchise Market Research: 

  • Identify the demand for specific cuisines in your target location.
  • Analyse the competition and assess the market saturation.
    Choose a Strategic Location:
    Cloud kitchen Option for a location with high demand for online food delivery services.
    Consider proximity to key delivery zones for efficient service.
    Online food delivery franchise in an area that has a high demand.

Food Business with Licensing and Permits:

  • Make sure you are by local laws and acquire the required permits.
  • Obtain permissions from health agencies and other appropriate authorities.

Cloud Kitchen Models:

    • Explore the two primary models – FOCO (Franchise Owned, Company Operated) and FOFO (Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated). Understand the distinctions and benefits of each to determine the right fit for your entrepreneurial journey.
    • There is no equipment, no staff requirements, and no cost per month makes it a great alternative to a side business.
    • Cloud kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens or virtual kitchens, are commercial facilities that prepare and deliver food exclusively for online orders.
    • Unlike traditional restaurants, cloud kitchens operate without a physical dining space, allowing for cost savings and more excellent food preparation and delivery efficiency.

Exploring Food Franchise Opportunities

      • The Rolling Plate’s Start Your Cloud Kitchen Delhi initiative provides lucrative food franchise opportunities in Gurugram, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Noida.
      • With a focus on preparing and delivering orders, our cloud kitchen franchises offer a low investment entry point into the thriving food industry.
      • Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, our affordable franchise options make starting your own food business more accessible.

Food franchise Model:

        • Food business leverages the power of online food delivery services.
        • They destroy the need for a traditional dine-in space, reducing overhead costs.
        • food franchise businesss may operate under a single brand or host multiple brands, offering diverse cuisines from one central kitchen.

Types of Cloud Kitchen Models

 The Rolling Plate stands out as a leading cloud kitchen provider, offering services across Pan India. The FOCO and FOFO models 


It’s the FOCO model. It refers to Franchise-Owned, co-operated. It is a novel method of bringing innovation to the business of food, particularly in the reach of kitchens that use cloud-based technology. Choose Your Sub-Brand From around 20 brand names available to select from, you can pick the best sub-brand that fits your market and location.

The FOCO Model:  franchisee-owned, company-operated

One of the most popular and successful iterations of the loudkitchens business model is the Franchise-Owned Company-Operated (FOCO) model. In this arrangement, a food franchise brand offers its franchise to aspiring entrepreneurs, who then own and manage the physical kitchen while the brand operates and manages the backend processes.

cloud kitchen with low investment
cloud kitchen with low investment

Why Choose The Rolling Plate for Your Cloud Kitchen Business?

  1. Best Food Franchise in India:
    • The Rolling Plate is recognized as the Best Food Franchise in India, a testament to its excellence and customer satisfaction.
  2. Starting Your Cloud Kitchen:
    • Dive into the entrepreneurial journey with ease. The Rolling Plate simplifies how to start a Cloud Kitchen, providing guidance at every step.
  3. Franchise Business Ideas:
    • Explore the realm of Franchise Business Ideas with The Rolling Plate. It offers a proven model with no rental headaches, no monthly expenses, and the promise of high profit margins.
  4. No Rental, No Salary:
    • Enjoy the perks of a food business with no burdensome rentals or monthly salaries. The Rolling Plate model allows you to maximize profits without the traditional overhead costs.
The Rolling Plate Sub Brand
The Rolling Plate Sub Brand

The Rolling Plate Sub Brand :-







Benefits of Cloud Kitchens

Get started with cloud kitchens Benefits with low investment business.

cloud kitchen benefits
cloud kitchen benefits

✓No Rental Expenses:

    • No rent is one advantage of cloud kitchens because they don’t need any physical location.
    • This means you can focus your budget on essential aspects like quality ingredients and marketing

✓No Salary:

      • food business can succeed without worrying about hiring personnel or paying for rent, thanks to an easy business model. Franchisees of The Rolling Plate are relieved of the burden of hiring and managing personnel since our team takes care of all operational details.
      • This leads to higher profits as more revenue directly translates to your bottom line.

✓No Equipment Required:

    • One way that cloud kitchens differ from regular restaurants is that they do not require expensive culinary equipment. By working with us, business owners may leverage our pre-existing infrastructure and cooking expertise to smoothly operate their franchises without having to worry about purchasing and maintaining kitchen appliances. In addition to saving money upfront, this easy method releases people from the cost of large equipment purchases so they can focus on expanding their companies and increasing sales.

✓Only High Monthly Profits:

    • Franchise opportunities with The Rolling Plate may allow you to earn a significant monthly income. Because of our unique business plan, franchisees receive 19% of monthly sales, guaranteeing a consistent revenue stream. 
    • Unlike conventional restaurant designs that need large operating expenditures, the cloud kitchen strategy reduces overhead expenses, increasing franchise owners’ profits. If affordability and efficacy are emphasized, businesses will see financial returns on their investment.  
Cloud Kitchen Business
Cloud Kitchen Business

Benefits of The Rolling Plate’s Low Investment Cloud Kitchen:

  • Accessible Entry A low requirement for investment of 2.9 lakh will ensure that anyone who have different financial abilities are able to embark on their business venture.
  • Operational Simple: With no equipment requirements and no staff needed to run the operation, it is made simpler, allowing the entrepreneurs to focus on what they value most: delivering high-quality food and beverages to their customers.
  • low Monthly Costs: The no monthly costs that are associated with the Rolling Plate’s cloud-based kitchen franchise help to create an improved profit margin and financial stability for the company.
  • Branding: Operating under The Rolling Plate’s established brand, the company is able to instantly gain recognition and trust from customers, ensuring an advantage in the highly competitive food market.

Guide to Cloud Kitchen Success Made Easy:

  1. Choose Your Sub-Brand: Dive into our array of sub-brands, featuring Chinese, Indian, and premium selections. Pick the ones that align with your location and culinary preferences.
  2. Complete the Franchise Fee: Secure your spot by paying the franchise fee and getting in touch with The Rolling Plate. Our team will walk you through the onboarding process and offer the support you need to kickstart your cloud kitchen journey.
  3. Enjoy Operational Ease: Say goodbye to kitchen management headaches. With The Rolling Plate’s cloud kitchen franchise, we handle all the day-to-day operations. You can focus solely on keeping your customers happy and maximizing your profits.
  4. Reap the Rewards: Sit back and watch your sales climb! Our transparent revenue-sharing model ensures you receive a generous 19% share of the monthly sales revenue, guaranteeing you a steady income and long-term success.

The Rolling Plate food business Franchise: A Success Story

The Rolling Plate, where we’re serving up affordable cloud kitchen franchises that promise delicious returns. Start Your Cloud Kitchen Delhi is proud to offer food franchise opportunities in key cities like Gurugram, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Noida.

Our concept is simple yet revolutionary: we prepare and deliver food for a low investment, bringing quality meals right to the doorstep of hungry customers. By sharing kitchen spaces, multiple restaurant brands can operate from one location. Cloud kitchens are a part of the food and drink business and offer a unique opportunity for several restaurant chains to share one kitchen space. It cuts costs and allows you to experiment with new business concepts for food businesses. The popularity of delivery food services has made food business well-known, offering various food options at a lower cost than traditional restaurants. Our cloud kitchen franchises are available at an affordable price of just 2.9 lakhs.

Why Choose a Cloud Kitchen Franchise?

Low Investment

Starting a cloud kitchen with The Rolling Plate is affordable, with an initial investment of just 2.9 lakhs plus GST. This low cost makes it easy for you to enter the food business.

Proven Business Model

The Rolling Plate has a successful business model that helps you make good profits while reducing risks. You benefit from their experience and established systems.

Comprehensive Support

The Rolling Plate supports you every step of the way. They help with finding a location, setting up the kitchen, marketing, and customer support. You won’t have to worry about these details.

Growing Market Demand

More people are ordering food delivery due to busy lives and changing habits. By starting a cloud kitchen, you can take advantage of this increasing demand and be part of a growing trend.

Cloud Kitchen

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