The Rolling Plate brings you a one-of-a-kind blend of creativity and innovation in the field of cloud kitchens Opening a cloud kitchen is not an easy task after the Corona pandemic, which has put a lot of strain on the food-related industry, putting food-business models at risk due to high start-up costs and cumbersome regulations. Started in 2019, this exceptional business is significant in its own right because it integrates foods and beverages, online commerce, and information and technology, primarily based on the FOCO franchise model.

The goal is always to deliver a remarkable business model with unrivalled development and investment opportunities. We aimed to present a model for generating exceptional profits that was both effective and efficient. To that end, we have now established 20 hot-selling brands and 20 cloud kitchens across the country, with sixteen cloud kitchens in Delhi NCR, three in Hyderabad, and one on the way in Bangalore. We have 20 brands, 14 of which are Indian and 6 of which are Chinese, and some of them are as follows:

  • Indian Brands
    Ballu Bawarchi
    Bhukha Sher
    Rozi Roti
    Chicken Khurana
    Laale Di Chaap
    Dilli Meri Jaan
    Roti aur Boti’ Xpress
    Raja Bhoj & Co
    Dumb Biryani
    Bahu Belly
  • Chinese Brands
    Shanghai Chillies
    Fat Chinese Chef
    Dou Chi
    Excellent Dumpling House
    Let’s Wok
    Chopper’s Stop
  • Multi-cuisine Brands
    Oye Chottu
    Pind Kaneda

Why is TRP ideal for your Food business?
The Rolling Plate is the best platform you’ve found if you want to run your business from home or anywhere else without having to hire employees or rent office space. You can exhale a sigh of relief because TRP is here to help your food business thrive in a short period of time.

Why Do You Choose The Rolling plate?
Imagine having to manage a plethora of utility bills, complex regulatory compliance, and business permits. Leave it to us; let our highly qualified staff create a brilliant plan for the growth of your food business so you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on it.

A one-time setup fee is all that is needed; after that, you can leave the rest to us. Your money will be used by our top marketing and management team to ensure constant growth of twofold and you are receiving your appropriate returns.

TRP Cloud Kitchen concept is being implemented throughout the country. We can’t wait to introduce India’s rich flavours and palette to a truly global and multicultural audience. Their flawless preparation methods, which represent India’s historical culinary traditions with an emphasis on getting them on your plate, make a recipe for extraordinary success a breeze. Furthermore, we introduce a slew of new brands that cater to both traditional and cutting-edge F&B verticals,ranging from North Indian to Chinese. In order to increase profits, we believe in moving forward, broadening our perspectives, and setting higher standards. As a result, our investment partners receive consistent ROI on the basis of the money spent on the marketing campaigns, giving them the impression that they made wise investments.


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