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Food Franchise starting at 2.9 lakhs

Food Franchise Business
Food Franchise Business

Starting Your Own Food Franchise Business

Starting a Food Franchise in India is your recipe for success! Imagine bringing delicious meals to people’s tables and making your mark in the culinary scene. In India, where food is a celebration, a Food Franchise is like an open invitation to this flavorful party. Plus, there’s a hot trend called Cloud Kitchen in India, making it even more exciting. It’s all about cooking up a storm in the online world, delivering joy to hungry hearts. So, grab your apron and let’s embark on a delectable journey of owning a Food Franchise in the heart of India!

Why Choose  in India?

The Rolling Plate, is like serving success on a platter. With delights and a food-loving culture, India is a hotspot for tasty opportunities. The Rolling Plate’s Food Franchise lets you step into the world of delicious possibilities. From mouthwatering street food to gourmet experiences, there’s something for every taste bud. And with the added advantage of Cloud Kitchen in India, it’s a recipe for success. No need for a physical storefront – just a digital kitchen serving joy to food business across the country. Join The Rolling Plate’s Food Franchise.

Why Choose a Food Franchise Cloud Kitchen Franchise with The Rolling Plate

Low-Cost Entry Point: With a starting franchise fee of just 2.9 lakhs, our cloud kitchen franchise offers prospective business owners an inexpensive option to get their foot in the door in the food industry. Bid farewell to large up-front expenses and welcome an affordable chance to get yourself in the food industry.

Advantages of Cloud Kitchen: Accept the culinary of the future with our cloud kitchen concept. Our franchisees benefit from the freedom of operating in the digital space, effortlessly and easily reaching hungry customers, without having to worry about renting spaces, hiring large staff, or maintaining physical shops.
Different sub-brands: Explore a world of various cuisine with our portfolio of more than 20 brand clients. You can select from a variety of options, including quality international flavors and traditional Indian cuisines. sub-brands that resonate with your target audience and location preferences.

Starting at just 2.9 lakhs food franchises in India

The food franchise has seen a revolutionary shift with the rise of cloud kitchens and innovative franchise models. One such model gaining popularity in India is the FOCO (franchisee-owned, company-operated) model, which offers a lucrative low-investment, high-profit business opportunity. This blog will delve into the basics of cloud kitchen franchises, mainly focusing on the FOCO model and its advantages.

Top 20 Food Franchises:

There are many food franchises available for under 3 lakhs rupees. Each has its unique appeal. With traditional Indian delicacies and international taste you can find a franchise to suit your taste buds.

Indian Classics Under 3 Lakhs: Explore franchises specializing in traditional Indian cuisine, bringing the authentic flavors to the forefront.

What is the FOCO Model?

FOCO, a short form for Franchisee Owned, Company Operated, is a business model where the franchisee owns the outlet while the company takes care of operations. This model provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the food franchise with minimal investment, reducing the risk of running a standalone business.

What is the difference between Foco and FOFO models?

It’s essential to differentiate between FOCO and FOFO (Franchisee Owned, Franchisee Operated). In FOFO, the franchisee owns the outlet and manages day-to-day operations. Conversely, FOCO allows the food franchise to focus on ownership while the company handles operational aspects.

Benefits of the FOCO Model/Low Investment, High Profit:

The FOCO model is affordable, making it an excellent option for those with a limited budget. With a starting investment of just 2.9 lakhs cloud kitchen, entrepreneurs can tap into the food franchise potential without breaking the bank.

Low-Cost Food Franchise Opportunities:

Affordable Franchise Opportunities: Starting a food business doesn’t have to be expensive. The Cloud Kitchen Franchise from The Rolling Plate has an affordable beginning cost of only 2.9 lakhs. This minimum investment technique allows aspiring food business startups to fulfil their culinary dreams without worrying about high upfront fees. It’s a win-win situation with maximum possible earnings and minimal financial risk. Benefits of the FOPO model (franchised-owned, franchise-operated): With this business model, you have even more autonomy and control over the company you own. This approach allows you to manage several sub-brands while collaborating with culinary partners to maximize revenues. To guarantee success, the Rolling Plate team is here to support you at every turn.

Cloud Kitchen Franchise Opportunities: Cloud kitchens have become a game-changer in the food business. The FOCO model often operates through cloud kitchens, reducing overhead costs associated with traditional brick-and-mortar setups.
The Rolling Plate provide a Franchise:-
The Rolling Plate is a prime example of a successful FOCO model in action. With a focus on delivering quality food and leveraging the benefits of cloud kitchens, The Rolling Plate franchise has garnered positive reviews for its cost-effective approach and delicious offerings.

Cloud Kitchen Meaning and Its Advantages:

Define the cloud kitchen concept and highlight its advantages. Explore how operating without a physical storefront, well-run operations reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

FOCO and FOFO: What’s the difference
While both models offer opportunities for aspiring food franchise business owners, understanding the distinction between FOCO and FOFO is crucial. The choice depends on individual preferences, expertise, and the level of involvement one wishes to have in daily operations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Cloud Kitchen Success:

  1. Select Your Sub-Brand With more than 20 brand customers to pick from, you’ll have an array of choices which range between Chinese or Indian classics to food experiences. Select the subbrand which best fits your area and the target market.
  2. Franchise Fee to Pay: Once you’ve chosen your preferred sub-brand, sign the agreement through the installment of franchise costs and contacting The Rolling Plate team. We’ll help you navigate the process and give you all the assistance you require to set up your cloud kitchen and up and running.
  3. Run without risk: Managing operations is simple when you use our cloud-based kitchen construction. All the work, which includes the management of personnel and kitchen set-up is taken care of with The Rolling Plate, freeing you to focus on growing your business and earning the highest profits.
  4. Experience the benefits Relax and watch the revenue stream! receive 19% of the monthly sales with our simple revenue-sharing strategy, which will ensure an ongoing income stream and long-term viability.
cloud kitchen benefits
cloud kitchen benefits

Exploring the Benefits of Cloud Kitchens

  1. Low investment, high Profits: Our Cloud Kitchen franchise provides a cost-effective start-up in the food industry with costs as low as 2.9 lakhs. You can say goodbye to costly rental, salary and physical space demands.
  2. FOPO Model To those who want greater control over their businesses, the FOPO (Franchise-Owned, franchise-operated) Model is the best option. Have 20+ sub-brands under your control and collaborate with kitchen partners to increase profits.
  3. No Physical Storefront Needed: Thanks to the power of Cloud Kitchens, it is no longer necessary to have an actual storefront. Utilize digital technology and reach out to a larger public without the cost of overhead.
  4. Experienced Business Plan: Benefit from our well-established reputation and established business model. Through The Rolling Plate, you’re not simply joining an existing franchise; you’re joining a reputable company with a proven track record of accomplishment.
  5. Franchisee support: Gain access to help with marketing operational advice and a community of franchisees who are also fellows. We’re dedicated to ensuring your success at every step of the process.

. Affordable Food Franchise:

  • Our food franchise model offers a budget-friendly entry point for aspiring entrepreneurs, with an initial investment as low as 2.9 lakhs plus GST.
  • Say goodbye to the hefty upfront costs associated with traditional restaurant setups and embrace a cost-effective approach to food business ownership.