“Ready-to-eat” (RTE) food is a term used to describe food items that have been cooked, processed, or otherwise prepared and are ready to eat. These meals are created to be quick to prepare and require little to no assembly or additional cooking before consumption. They are well-liked for their practicality, particularly when people lack the time or finances to make a full dinner.


  • TIME SAVING- When you don’t have time to create a healthy supper, heat-and-eat food items are the greatest alternatives to traditional cooking. These pre-made dishes only require a quick cooking session before being served. This is a good alternative for working individuals and college students who don’t have time to make a healthy dinner.

AVAILABILITY- Over time, it has become easier to find food that is ready to eat. There are several choices available nowadays in the ready-to-eat sector. You can choose from a variety of products at THE ROLLING PLATE, a market leader in the ready-to-eat sector.

  • SAFE- At the rolling plate, cleanliness is crucial. It is renowned for its high-quality standards in food preparation using cutting-edge technology. Food is only manufactured for sale after passing all safety inspections. It is therefore entirely safe to eat.
  • PRACTICALITY- Ready-to-eat meals are practical for people who cannot afford to spend hours in the kitchen preparing. It is a useful way to enjoy freshly made meals without having to do all the work.

 Examples of ready-to-eat foods include:

 1)Pre-packaged salads

2)Sandwiches and wraps

3)Canned soups

4)Frozen pizzas

5)Snack bars and granola bars

6)Instant noodles

7)Cereal and milk


9)Deli meats and cheeses

10)Fruit cups or pre-cut fruits