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Introducing FOFO Model
Franchise Owned Franchise Operated
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Introducing FOCO Model
Franchise Owned Company Operated
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Introducing FOPO Model
Franchise Owned Partner Operated
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What is Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchen is a food service concept that exists only online, also known as a ghost or virtual kitchen. They are kitchens designed to produce food for delivery and lack seating areas for dining in. Customers place their orders for food online and the food is delivered directly to customers. It comes among the food and beverage franchise opportunities. Thus, this set-up of cloud kitchens enables various restaurant brands to operate from the same kitchen space thereby, cutting operational costs and providing food franchise opportunities to experiment with new concepts of cloud kitchens. The advent of food delivery services rocketed the popularity of Cloud Kitchen, as a wide range of assortments of cuisines and economical pricing when compared to traditional restaurants stood out.

Unit Franchise (FOFO MODEL)

Introducing FOFO (Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated) ‘Chupa Rustam’ – The Rolling Plate’s new business. With this, you can also create your own food business at home or in any kitchen.


Here’s how it works: We retail our delicious North Indian delicacies in ready-to-eat packs, prepared by closely-guarded recipes. It means all that you are required to do is to prepare them and get them ready for serving to your customers. The best part? Moreover, there are no royalty fees and it is not bound with any kind of operation cost.


As a Super Franchise, you will be supposed to perform the following amazing tasks among others For Your Information: Some of them are the sale of unit franchises,


Unit Franchise (FOCO MODEL)

The FOCO (Franchisee-Owned, Company-Operated) model by The Rolling Plate provides a perfect chance to start a successful food business with minimal investment – starting from 2.9 Lacs INR + GST. This flexible model of doing business where a franchise invests in one out of the 20+ in-house brands and the company simultaneously handles for a suitable location to set up a cloud kitchen, recruits human resources, negotiates rent for a commercial space, and pays the salaries of the employees.

Unit Franchise (FOPO MODEL)

The Rolling Plate currently brings into the market a new kind of business model which is the FOPO Business Model, or Franchise Owned Partner Operated Business Model, which is a good chance for business people. The minimum amount needed to start the business is 12 lacs & at this investment, returns can be expected in as little as 6 months. The FOPO model makes it possible for the investor to own the franchise but for a partner to run it and therefore calls for development.



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