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Franchise Kitchens that Bring Big Business!

Fantastic Food and Beverage Business Innovations!

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Multifarious Brands !
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The Rolling Plate is India’s First  Truly Global F&B Innovations Hub. Our Franchise Business Models Have Set the Industry on Fire

A    F R E S H    A P P R O A C H   T O   A   B U S I N E S S   I D E A . 

The rolling plate works as a franchise business partner with an inventive and rewarding business model. Bringing straight up sizzling ideas to you is what we do best!

Our Process

Not an F&B Investor? No Problem! Anyone can go into business with the right idea and a fair investment sum!

We bring the entrepreneurial talent and give your business the momentum it needs for a big dunk on the sizzler!

We know that investment decisions are hard and making them requires an in-depth
analysis. So, we figured we should help you get a clear view of our franchise models even
before you speak to us in person! The video here gives a very systematic and clear view
on how we develop our franchises and what makes them such a prodigious force in the
market. It considers the potential doubts and questions all investors might have and
addresses most of them.

Be sure to call us or fill this form after watching so we that can give you a personalized consult and help develop your investment for the short and long-term financial gains 

Look at our awesome clients, what they have to say!


Kahi se bhi Franchise Owner


Rozi Roti Franchise Owner


Bhukha Sher Franchise


Dana Pani Franchise Owner


Dou chi Franchise Owner


Dana Pani Franchise Owner

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