The Rolling plate

Frequently Asked Question

The Rolling Plate is a company that provides food franchise business all over India.


Start your cloud kitchen franchise with The Rolling Plate for just 2.9 lakhs + GST.

We have 20+ Unique brands
● Indian
● Chinese
● Premium Brands.

When you invest with The Rolling Plate, you can start your Franchise from the next month and the revenue starts generating Once the digital restaurant gets live.

There are 20 plus unique brands in our Indian, Chinese, and Premium Brands which are as follows:

Indian Brands

● Ballu Bawarchi
● Bhukha Sher
● Dana-paani
● kahi-se-Bhi
● Rozi Roti
● Delhi-Cacies
● Chicken Khurana
● Laale Di Chaap
● Dilli Meri Jaan
● Roti aur Boti’ Xpress
● Raja Bhoj & Co
● Dumb Biryani
● Bahu Belly

Chinese Brands
● Shanghai Chillies
● Fat Chinese Chef
● Dou Chi
● Excellent Dumpling House
● Let’s Wok
● Chopper’s Stop

Premium Brands
● Chicken Khurana
● Roti aur Boti xpress

● Connect with The Rolling Plate
● Select your location
● Invest and start

It is one time investment for 3 years. The only expense yearly is about advertising.

The franchise agreement gets renowned after every 3 years.

Yes, you can run from anywhere since you are not an operational partner, so you can run it from anywhere.

It depends on the revenue which further depends on visibility and location.

No monthly expenses such as rent or salaries, just Start investing from 2.9 lakhs. Except the Advertising charges.

Yes, you get 19 % revenue from the total sales without having any expense. This can be a source of your side income also.

No, there is no need for a GST number.

Customers can order online from applications through SWIGGY and ZOMATO.

The ROI depends upon the visibility and advertising of the unit Franchise. Generally, it takes 12-18 months if positioned well.

You can check the application from your mobile of Swiggy and Zomato how much revenue is generated from the sales, you get directly 19% of the total revenue generated of the day.

No, anyone who wants to start their Cloud Kitchen Franchise Connect with The Rolling Plate

You just need to invest 2.9 lakhs and get started from anywhere all over India, no space is required it is an online food business.

FOCO means for FRANCHISE OWNED COMPANY OPERATED, this means that you just need to invest to buy a food franchise and the company takes care of all the day-to-day operations

The Rolling Plate manages all the operations from the setup to the order delivering process. Franchise have the rights of the brand, all the operations are taken care by the company

  • Affordable start-up cost
    ● Innovative Cloud Kitchen Model based on FOCO AND FOPO
    ● Manages day-to-day operations
    ● Low-investment, high-profit model
    ● No salary, no rent issues
    ● High-quality food with 20 plus Unique brand’s availability
  • ● Advanced technology

Operational Control:
● FOPO: Franchisees have full control.
● FOCO: The Company manages operations.
● Responsibilities:
● FOPO: Franchisees handle all tasks.
● FOCO: The Company handles tasks.
● Autonomy vs. Support:
● FOPO: More freedom but more responsibility.
● FOCO: More support from the company

A super franchise model FOPO is franchise-owned and partner operated this means that you get access to all 20 plus Unique brands with an investment of 12 lakh+ GST.

  • No kitchen setup required
  • No salary No rent
  • No monthly expenses
  • NO involvement in operations
  • Super fastest ROI
  • Multiple incomes

You can log on to:
If you want to reach out to our Head office: 609, 6th floor, D mall. Netaji Subash place, Delhi-34
If you want to contact on Phone: +91 9310740388
Email us: [email protected]

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● Low-cost food franchise
● Based on the FOCO & FOPO model
● No salary No rent
● No monthly expenses
● Multiple Unique brands available
● Established Brand Value