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What is Cloud Kitchen?

A Cloud Kitchens, also known as a ghost or virtual kitchen, is a food service concept that operates exclusively online. Unlike traditional restaurants, cloud kitchens focus on food preparation and delivery , with orders placed through online platforms and delivered to customers’ doorsteps. The Rolling Plate’s cloud kitchen model offers a low-cost business. With Cloud Kitchen benefits, such as No rental or salary expenses, franchisees benefit from low investment and company-managed operations. Franchisees can enjoy high monthly profits with every sales revenue. This setup allows different restaurant brands to operate from a single kitchen.

Unit Franchise (FOFO Model)

The FOFO (Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated) model by The Rolling Plate introduces ‘Chhupa Rustam,’ a new business venture.  FOFO Model allows you to create your own Cloud Kitchens at home or in any kitchen. Here’s how it works: The Rolling Plate provides delicious North Indian delicacies in ready-to-eat packs, prepared with closely guarded recipes. As a franchisee, you prepare and serve these dishes to your customers. If you start your cloud kitchen business, investment is minimal, requiring only 1.9 lakhs+GST for the Unit Franchise. You can choose your business location, offering flexibility and control over your operations. Joining as a franchisee under the FOFO model means you own and operate the franchise. This is an excellent opportunity for new businessmen to enter the food business with a reasonable start-up investment.

FOFO Model
FOCO Model

Unit Franchise (FOCO Model)

The FOCO (Franchise-Owned, Company-Operated) model offered by The Rolling Plate is an excellent way to start a Cloud Kitchens with minimal investment. For just 2.9 lakhs+GST, you can buy one of their 20+ unique brands. In this model, the company operates everything: setting up the kitchen, staffing, rent, and daily operations. The company takes care of everything once you invest. You earn 19% of the monthly sales revenue with food preparation for delivery. It’s a low-investment, high-profit opportunity ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs in India’s food and beverage industry.

Super Franchise (FOPO Model)

The Franchise Owned Partner Operated (FOPO) model by The Rolling Plate is an innovative way to start a cloud kitchen business. With this model, you invest in the Cloud Kitchens franchise, and kitchen partners manage all operations. You can own over 20 +sub-brands without worrying about hiring staff, paying rent, setting up the kitchen, or covering monthly costs. The Rolling Plate team offers full support to ensure your success. The initial investment is 12 lakhs+GST, and you can see returns in as little as six months. The FOPO model combines the best parts of the Franchise-Owned Company-Operated (FOCO) and Franchise-Owned Franchise-Operated (FOFO) models. It provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own profitable food business in India with low investment and high-profit returns.

FOPO Model

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Cloud Kitchen Benefits

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Low Inverstment

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