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Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities

Top 20 Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Introducing:-The Rolling Plate Family:

Ballu Bawarchi, Bhukha Sher, Dana-paani, Kahi-se-Bhi, Rozi Roti, Delhi-Cacies, ChickenKhurana
Laale Di Chaap, Shanghai Chillies, Fat Chinese Chef, Dou Chi, Excellent Dumpling House, Let’s Wok, Chopper’s Stop, Roti aur Boti’ Xpress, Raja Bhoj & Co, Dumb Biryani ,Bahu Belly, Oye Chottu, Pind Kaneda

What Is A Franchise Business?

A Franchise Business is a collaborative venture where a businessman (franchisee ) partners with an established brand (the rolling plate) to operate a FOOD business using the franchisor’s proven model. The franchisee benefits from brand recognition, operational support, and a ready-made business framework, mitigating many risks associated with starting a Food franchises business from scratch.

Investment – Start a Food Franchise of Just 2.9 Lakh All Over Pan India

Starting a Food Franchise Business with The Rolling Plate is a budget-friendly venture, requiring only 2.9 lakh INR. This minimal investment opens the door to a world of culinary possibilities and the potential for significant returns.

Cloud Kitchen Business Started in 2019 by Mr. Jahaan Khurana – Managing Director – The Rolling Plate

The Cloud Kitchen Business under The Rolling Plate’s umbrella began in 2019. Spearheaded by Mr. Jahaan Khurana, the Managing Director, this culinary venture was born out of a vision to revolutionize how people experience and enjoy food. Mr. Khurana’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping The Rolling Plate into a culinary powerhouse with a strong presence all over Pan India.


Starting a Cloud Kitchen with The Rolling Plate:-

Approach: Begin by approach your Franchise Business. Choose a brand from The Rolling Plate’s diverse portfolio that aligns with your vision.
Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to understand the culinary preferences in your chosen location. Tailor your menu to cater to local tastes.
Brand Selection: Select a brand from The Rolling Plate’s portfolio, each offering a unique culinary experience. Whether it’s the bold flavours of ChickenKhurana or the finesse of Excellent Dumpling House, there’s a brand for every taste.
Investment Planning: Franchise Business With an investment as low as 2.9 lakh, The Rolling Plate makes culinary entrepreneurship accessible. Plan your investment strategically, considering the brand, location, and market demand.

Low Investment Business:-Kitchen

A Golden Opportunity Investment as low as 2.9 lakh, The Rolling Plate provides a golden opportunityKitchen forKitchen individuals to enter the culinary world. This minimal investment opens doors to entrepreneurship, allowing individuals to bring diverse culinary experiences to customers across Pan India.

Exploring Profitable Franchise: The Rolling Plate’s umbrella presents a diverse range of culinary delights. From savoury Indian dishes to enticing Chinese flavours, each brand caters to varied tastes, making them profitable choices for aspiring Franchise Business

Advantages of Starting a Cloud Kitchen:-

Cloud Kitchen Business
Cloud Kitchen Business

No Rental Commitments: Unlike traditional restaurants, starting a Cloud Kitchen eliminates the need for hefty rents associated with prime retail spaces. It translates to substantial cost savings.
No Salary Overheads: The operational model of Cloud Kitchens streamlines processes, reducing the need for extensive staff. It results in minimal salary commitments, contributing to higher profit margins.
High-Profit Margins: The absence of rental and salary expenses directly impacts the bottom line. Cloud Kitchens Franchise Business often boast higher profit margins with lower overheads, making them an attractive business model.
No Monthly Expenses: Monthly expenses associated with maintaining a physical storefront are virtually nonexistent in the Cloud Kitchen model. This financial flexibility enhances the sustainability of the business.

Why Choose The Rolling Plate’s Franchise Business?

Brand Portfolio:The Rolling Plate boasts a diverse range of brands, each with its unique identity and flavour. From the tantalizing ChickenKhurana to the comforting Delhi-Cacies, franchisees have a plethora of options to choose from.

Low Investment, High Returns:Investment of just 2.9 lakh, The Rolling Plate provides an accessible entry point into the lucrative world of Cloud Kitchens Business. This low investment is coupled with the promise of high returns.

Support:  Food franchises benefit from The Rolling Plate’s comprehensive support, from training to operational assistance. The brand’s expertise ensures every Franchise Business owner a smooth and successful journey.

Profitable Franchise Business

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  1. The Rolling Plate’s cloud kitchen model is a unique concept! Low investment, high returns, and a perfect operational setup make it perfect for aspiring food businessman. Highly recommend!

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