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The Secret Sauce From The Rolling Plate: Why Cloud Kitchens Business Model Thrive in India?
Food Delivery Market: India, with its colossal population and ever-increasing urbanization, has witnessed a massive surge in the demand for online food delivery services. The convenience of having a sumptuous meal delivered right to your doorstep has fueled this trend, making it a lucrative market for Cloud Kitchens.

FOCO Model: Franchise Owned, Company Operated:

  • The FOCO model is the heart of The Rolling Plate’s success. In simple terms, it means individuals own the franchise, but the company manages the operations, quality, and the company’s active involvement in every aspect of the cloud kitchen business.

Best Franchise Business in India – Why The Rolling Plate?

  • Quality Assurance: With the FOCO model, the company ensures that all cloud kitchens maintain consistent quality and adhere to established standards.
  • Operational Efficiency: Company-operated cloud kitchens follow a streamlined workflow, focusing solely on preparing and delivering food. 
  • Brand Recognition: Operating under The Rolling Plate’s well-established brand umbrella provides instant recognition and trust among customers, giving franchisees a head start in the competitive food market.

5. The Significance of Cloud Kitchens:

  • Cloud kitchens have become integral players in the food industry, especially in India. The demand for convenient, delicious meals delivered straight to your doorstep is higher than ever.

6. Why Choose a Cloud Kitchen Business:

  • Changing Consumer Habits: The shift towards online ordering and food delivery has made cloud kitchens a strategic and lucrative business option.
  • Operational Simplicity: Cloud kitchens operate without a dine-in space, simplifying operations and focusing solely on preparing and delivering food.

7. The Future of Cloud Kitchen Business:

  • Cloud kitchens are not just a trend; they represent the future of the food industry. The Rolling Plate, with its extensive Pan India presence and commitment to excellence, is at the forefront of this culinary revolution.

8. Seizing Food Franchise Opportunities:

  • The Rolling Plate’s cloud kitchen model is not just a business; it’s an opportunity to become part of the thriving food franchise industry. Entrepreneurs can explore new possibilities with a brand prioritizing low investment and high profits.


Some of the best Top Performing Food Franchise Business in One Place.


Raja Bhoj & Co:

Raja Bhoj and Co. is one of the top cloud kitchens in Delhi for delectably North Indian cuisines. This franchise, one of the first we established, has demonstrated the timeless nature of mouthwatering North Indian cuisine. This franchise’s success is unsurprising given its luscious dishes that add an innovative twist to evergreen classics.

Bhukha Sher:

Bhukha Sher is one of the most proud and well-known North Indian cuisine franchises on our franchise list. We created this franchise specifically for those who enjoy the flavour of methodically cooked meat with the finest spices. It’s no surprise that this franchise makes a fortune every day!

Dana Paani:

Dana Paani, one of our very few 100% vegetarian cloud kitchens, stands out for a variety of reasons. You’d think this place would have a simple menu, but that’s where it shines the most. Despite the simple vegetarian dishes, the sheer gastronomic satisfaction it provides is unparalleled. It’s no surprise that it gets better with each new month.

Fat Chinese Chef:

Authentic Chinese cuisine prepared in India’s spicy cuisine is ideal for any season. And when it comes to good Chinese, Fat Chinese Chef is one of the best in town. This was one of our first Chinese franchises, and it has been a huge success since then. It was such a huge success that it inspired us to open all of the other Chinese cloud kitchens listed below.

Shanghai Chillies:

Shanghai Chillies brings the best of oriental spices and culinary preparations to your kitchen! This franchise has done extremely well not only because of its elegant name but also because of the exquisitely prepared dishes on its menu. This cloud kitchen has a very popular name among online food orderers, and it was one of our newest franchise additions.

Dumpling House:

Dumplings hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Delhi’s young people on the rise. And the Excellent Dumpling House brings all the splendour and delectability of rich dumplings to our vast consumer base. This franchise demonstrates our growing specialization in the Chinese culinary market and how we are expanding!



The Rolling Plate exemplifies the immense potential and success of Cloud Kitchens in India. With our dedication to culinary excellence, innovative use of technology, and customer-first philosophy, we have become a trailblazer in the Food Franchise Business delivery landscape. As they continue to roll out extraordinary dishes, The Rolling Plate is undoubtedly spicing up the future of Indian cuisine, one delivery at a time.

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