Low investment cloud kitchen

low investment cloud kitchen

Steps to start Your Low-Investment Cloud Kitchen:

Low Investment Cloud Kitchen:

  • A low investment cloud kitchen is a business model that emphasizes affordability, simplicity, and profitability. The Rolling Plate’s unique approach makes it feasible for individuals to enter the food industry without a significant financial commitment.
    • Express Interest:
      • Contact The Rolling Plate to express your interest in our low investment cloud kitchen franchise. A clear communication at the beginning will set the tone for a positive partnership.
    • Location Selection:
      • Pick a suitable location to set up the cloud kitchen you want to build. Be aware of local demand, competition and access. The ideal location plays a vital role in the success of your low investment cloud kitchen
    • Budget Assessment:
      • Check your budget and ensure you have the 2.9 lakhs required to launch the low-cost cloud kitchen. The cost-effectiveness of this system allows for a wide array of entrepreneurs.
    • Contact The Rolling Plate:
      • Contact The Rolling Plate to discuss the franchising process, terms and conditions. Make sure you clarify any questions and ensure the transparency of your conversations.
    • Legal Considerations:
      • Before signing any agreement, ensure you thoroughly read all legal aspects related to thelow investment cloud kitchen franchise.
      • Know the conditions and terms of the franchise, as well as the obligations and rights of each party.
    • Operational Launch:
      • When everything is in place Once everything is in place, you can launch your cloud kitchen using the Rolling Plate. Use local promotions and marketing via digital channels to build awareness and attract customers.
  • Affordable Entry:
    • Its 2.9 lakh INR investment required makes the Rolling Plate’s franchise among the most affordable options for entry in the restaurant franchise industry.
Cloud Kitchen Setup
Cloud Kitchen Setup

The Rolling Plate’s Cloud Kitchen Franchise:

  • Streamlined Operations:
    • The FOCO model allows for efficient operations focused on the preparation and delivery of food business. This reduces the time spent and increases satisfaction of customers.
  • Brand Recognition:
    • Operating under the Rolling plate’s established brand name, it provides immediate recognition and confidence with customers, which gives franchisees a head start the crowded food market.
  • Low Monthly Expenses:
    • low investment cloud kitchen franchise don’t put entrepreneurs under the burden of monthly costs. This guarantees that a substantial amount of the earnings go back into the company and contributes to its expansion.
  • No Equipment Hassles:
    • Entrepreneurs can begin their low investment cloud kitchen business without the stress of buying and maintaining costly equipment. This Rolling Plate takes care of the essentials of operation.
  • Food Menu:
    • Cloud kitchens are flexible in catering to local preferences and ensuring that customers are always satisfied. The Rolling Plate franchise allows entrepreneurs to explore and cater to different tastes.

How to Start The Rolling Plate’s Low Investment Cloud Kitchen:

  • Contact The Rolling Plate:
    • Express your interest by reaching out to The Rolling Plate. This simple step sets the flavorful journey in motion.
  • FOCO Model:
    • The FOCO model (Franchise Owned, Company Operated) is the heart of The Rolling Plate’s success. With this model, individuals own the franchise, but the company actively manages the operations. This unique approach ensures simplicity and success in the cloud kitchen business.
  • Financial Assessment:
    • Assess your financial capacity. With a low investment cloud kitchen requirement of 2.9 lakh INR, The Rolling Plate’s franchise is designed to be accessible to a wide range of aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Legal Considerations:
    • Before finalizing any agreement, review the legal aspects of the franchise. Understand the terms and conditions, ensuring a transparent and mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Launch and Promotion:
    • Once everything is in place, launch your low investment cloud kitchen. Leverage digital marketing and local promotions to create awareness and attract customers.

Many Brands, Many Investment Options

Our stellar success in franchise cloud kitchen management is predicated on our smart business decision making and efficient FOCO franchise model. Naturally, this has allowed us to deliver on some truly staggering returns for our investors on their 2.9 lakhs and 18% GST. Also, this has allowed us to grow rapidly but consistently all over Delhi. In just 2 years, we have opened up 12 franchise offerings and won the praise of many new clients through them. We are constantly looking towards new market offerings and our latest cloud-kitchen is only the tip of the iceberg!

All the Top Performing Cloud Kitchen Franchises in One Place

Chinese Brands

1) Fat Chinese Chef

Authentic Chinese cuisine done India’s spicy style is an all-season inner. And when you think goo d Chinese, Fat Chinese Chef is one of the best in the city. This was one of the first Chinese franchises we established and it has been an immense success since then. In fact, it was such a big success that it led us to open up all the other Chinese cloud kitchens you will see mentioned below.

2) Shanghai Chillies

Shanghai Chillies brings the best of oriental spices and culinary preparations to every home! This franchise has done immensely well not just for its classy name but also the finely prepared dishes on its menu. This cloud kitchen has a very popular name with online food orderers and it was one of the shiniest additions to our franchise roster.

3) Dou Shi

For those who want to taste the most eclectic Chinese cuisine items, Dou Shi is the first and only choice. This franchise arose from the growing need to go truly authentically Oriental. We had established dedicated franchises in this culinary domain, but Dou Shi was the first one to offer authentically Asian to our ever-growing client palette.

4) Chopper’s Stop

A blend of modern culinary techniques and food business preparation methods, chopper’s stop is for the suave and selective. It combines the best traditions, styles, and trends into one immaculate menu to deliver the very best of Chinese dishes to clients. As one of our more recent franchises this brand has done really well and become a key offering in our bouquet.

5) Excellent Dumpling House

Dumplings have a special place in the hearts and minds of Delhi’s upswing youth. And the Excellent Dumpling House brings all the beauty and delectability of rich dumplings to our massive consumer base. This franchise has indicated our growing specialization in the Chinese culinary market and how we are branching out further!

North Indian Brands

1) Raja Bhoj & Co

For delightfully North Indian cuisines, Raja Bhoj and Co. Is one of the top low investment cloud kitchen in Delhi. One of the first ones we set up, this franchise has proven the timelessness of lip-smacking North Indian food. With luscious dishes that add an innovative twist to evergreen classics, there is no surprise at the success of this franchise.

2) Kahi Se Bhi

Delhi is incomplete without its mythical ‘jugaad’ and this is best encapsulated in Kahi Se Bhi’s cuisine offerings. This franchise came in relatively early and has been one of our highest grossing ones thanks to its innovative menu offerings and delicious dishes.

3) Ballu Bawarchi

Fabulous north Indian cuisines meet brilliant culinary flair at Ballu Bawarchi. The quirky name shows the cheeky North Indian spirit as well as a throwback to years past and their unique hospitality. This is among the most instantly recognizable of our franchises.

4) Bhukha Sher

Bhukha Sher is one of the proudest and most popular North Indian cuisine franchises we have on our franchise list. We designed this franchise specifically for those who love the taste of methodically cooked meat using the most select spices. No wonder this franchise rakes in the money by the bucket loads every day!

5) Dana Paani

One of the very few 100% veg cloud kitchens in our kitty, Dana Paani stands out for many reasons. You would think this place may offer a very plain menu but that’s where it shines the most. Despite the simple veg dishes, the sheer gastronomic satisfaction it offers is one-of-a-kind. No surprise that it performs better and better with every new month.

6) Roji Roti

Workman’s budgets are no reason to miss out on top-quality veg and non-veg dishes. Rozi Roti carries the best of TRP’s culinary insights and simmers them down to the level of every person’s budget. Getting the best veg and meat dishes has become a lot easier in Delhi thanks to this franchise.

7) Roti Aur Boti Express

Roti Aur Boti is one of our chief cloud kitchen converts. This restaurant converted to a cloud kitchen because we showed the sheer increase in profit margin and cost of production and running that could be saved. Obviously,  this is quite a transformation and the could-kitchen is now getting more orders than it did before!

What’s in Store for You with TRP in the Future?

The Rolling Plate has consistently proven its success with its intelligent application of the FOCO franchise model. Our 13 brands are just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a massive business undertaking. We would like to cordially invite you to join our ongoing business endeavors and make an investment with us for a brighter future. If financial stability and prosperity are in your yearly goals moving on from 2021, then we are the right place to invest!

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