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Best Businesses to Start with low investment business

Starting a business is not easy. You need to plan everything, secure the finances and also keep on top of things every day. For many people, the financial aspect of their business is the most important hurdle to cross. So, finding the best low-budget business options is a good idea. Here are the most popular choices for starting a budget for businesses:

5 Best Low-Budget Businesses in 2021


Drop-shipping is one of the most popular choices for solopreneurs (a person who sets up and runs a business on their own) who want to develop a business quickly. Now there are many websites like Alibaba and others which offer direct drop-shipping services to clients. So, you will have a website that will showcase the products and when clients order them, the company will deliver them to your client. This is a very simple and mostly highly reliable process. The clients make you the pay, your eCommerce partner gets the cut and makes the delivery. This 3-step process makes the low-budget drop shipping business option a great choice. Plus, since the delivery is guaranteed by your business partner, the clients can shop safely with you. So, this form of online business working functions quite well provided you can liaise with reliable partners. Further, maintaining strong communication lines with your partners will help ensure they can have queries resolved promptly.

2.Product Design

Designing and selling products online is a very easy and rewarding business option. Most major social media platforms allow for selling products and you can even go for specific websites for selling your own merchandise. This is very similar to apparel e-commerce retail except you can draw potential clients from a multitude of places. This includes any online platforms where you are popular as well as through direct online marketing and promotion activities. The versatile options available for selling your merch are many and you can use multiple strategies to enhance your market visibility and exposure. If you have any online channels like a podcast or even an online service portal, you can use that to promote your merchandise. Also, you will benefit from getting a digital marketing expert on your team to help boost sales through strategic promotional activities. This will help dynamize your primary product and merchandise store while also supplementing any alternate business platforms or ventures you are exploring.

3.Digital Video Content

Making online video content is a big industry by itself. You can start a business making online videos without needing to rent out a physical space. All you need is a website or an online platform where you can access jobs posted by companies. Usually, it is best to start out with a good mixture of both. Searching for jobs actively while also marketing your video content skills will help you expand your business optimally. Starting this business does not require a whole lot of education. In fact, all you need is a certification from a reputed video content learning portal or institute. This will give you the bona fides needed to start applying for jobs. Of course, you will need to get a work portfolio to attract clients. The only real major expense here is your education and if you choose right, you can save money on that too. This is a long-term commitment however and you should consider carefully if you want to embark on this path.

4.Food Franchise

The cloud kitchen business has become a very popular brick-and-mortar business because of its profitability. With the pandemic, most people are often ordering food online and having it delivered. With a food franchise focussed on cloud kitchen models, you will have minimum investment requirements. All you will need is a small food processing facility where your workers including chefs will create the food. Once the food is made, your delivery partner will get it and deliver it to the client. This short and simple process ensures that you do not need to take big loans or secure a lot of funds to start your business. It also means that you can choose the kind of franchisors you want to work with. The most popular option is the FOCO model where the franchisee owns and the company operates the kitchen. This allows the business to run at its smoothest and tun consistent profits for all invested parties.


Podcasting is one of the many businesses you can start with a relatively small investment. The basic equipment requires a high-quality video and audio recording setup. You also need a way with words and ideas which sets you apart from everyone. It takes some time to develop a strong audience for podcasts. However, the profit margins are considerable and you can always earn in extra ways like sponsorships and company contracts. Businesses like Spotify, YouTube, and others can offer exclusive contracts or limited deals to podcasters based on their audience and popularity. This is a great media-based business opportunity and a perfect way to collaborate with other influencers online. There is a fair bit of initial struggle but a strong marketing plan and an innovative approach can lead to big business opportunities through podcasting.

Which is the Best Low-Budget Business for Your in 2021?

All the businesses we have mentioned here are viable choices for low-budget ventures. If you are an entrepreneur, you should choose the ones which attract you the most. Developing a strong plan of action and all relevant steps thereafter will ensure you can work the business successfully. If you want to invest in the easiest and most profitable option, call us at The Rolling Plate now. We offer FOCO cloud kitchen investment options and are top-rated food franchisers in India!

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