Meet Our team

O U R     T E A M     M E M B E R S    A R E    O U R   G R E A T E S T   A S S E T

Jahaan Khurana
Having 11 years of experience in the food & beverage industry, running a pronounced Mughlai Restaurant chain in India and abroad, Jahaan kick started his food journey from Doha in 2009. His competitive spirit and gusto for experimentation has always driven him to explore and bring a change through his wisdom in the prevailing F&B industry.
Divy Kohli
With a degree and diploma in Hotel Management, Divy knew that when searching for the right solution, you sometimes have to explore many paths to find it. Imparting his acumen for myriad organisations in establishing their brands, he brings with him a 16 years of business expertise and a genuine enthusiasm for exploring all options to discover new efficiencies through The Rolling Plate.
Ankit Jain
Extensive knowledge in financial planning with strong analytical skills. He started his career as a Consultant cum Auditor and continue moving up the career ladder in the Financial Consultancy industry. Experience of 13 years including 8 years of post qualification experience. Going through both the company's direct and indirect taxes matter, as well as adding more stability to the business for the franchise owners.