Have you ever thought about starting a business but couldn’t give more time to the thought because you don’t have much money to invest and the idea of not enough investment can demotivate anyone? Yes, we know what it is like to discard an idea just because we think that we don’t have enough means to turn that idea into reality. But friends, let us tell you that sometimes we only have to look deeper to take the next step successfully. What you think of as a low investment can be enough to raise your own empire.

Here we are going to tell you about some of the business ideas that are based on low investment but usually result in high profits.





When you were a student in school, you must have had taken tuition classes and if not, then you must know someone who had. So you might have some idea about how important and relevant tuition classes are in recent competitive times. Friends, so, all you need are few things like a board, a duster, chalk or marker (your choice), all your courage with willpower and students willing to study. Or you can teach virtually also, if you aren’t able to find good enough and large space where you’d teach or during the times of pandemic like now then this way of teaching is quite profitable) You could teach any subject of your preference. Nowadays people find it necessary to learn a language other than their mother tongue so if you think you are fluent in any language then you can start teaching that too. To start this business you can either take a small loan or you can just start at a quiet low level by using your savings.


Events such as weddings, birthday parties, congratulatory parties, baby showers, and even funerals, etc. are inevitable in society. They are going to happen and to make them happen most people need event planners, someone who can plan everything according to the wishes of the event organizer and manage everything from the theme of the event to the caterers, from the welcome of the guests to the farewell. Being an event planner would take low investment (for which you can take a small loan or just use your savings) but would result in significant incoming.



We all know that cooking has become an important skill in today’s world, actually, it always has been but now more so as this skill has started to be seen not just as a necessity to deal with hunger but we have also started seeing as talent and as a hobby and seeing the craze for MasterChef or other cooking-related programs, we get an idea of how many people are interested in it (not just the ones who like to cook but also those people who are foodies). So, if you have cooking skills then you can start cooking classes. To start this business you need quite low investment, you just need to set up a kitchen with all necessary types of equipment and materials with ingredients. You can also start your own vlogs(YouTube, Instagram, FB, or different websites) which would help to promote your business.



In this busy world where everyone has to go somewhere, driving has become an indispensable part of our lives. If you have good driving skills then you can start giving driving lessons, with only one car you can teach more than few people if you schedule accordingly. It would need really low investment but can result in high profit. You can avail of a small loan from financial service firms. Then later with enough money, you can expand your business by buying new cars and hire new instructors.



With car and driving skills you can provide cab services to people, two great examples are Uber and Ola. You can start on a small level and then with a good enough business strategy, you can climb up the ladder. This only needs a little investment and if everything works out fine then you can earn a significant amount of income. If you first need experience for this business then you can work for named cab providing services for some time and then you get ideas about how to work and also some money.



Another thing that you can do is invest in a franchise business. This way you would be getting a significant amount of profit without actually investing a lot of money. There are different types of models in this business venture, you can research about them and then figure out what kind of model suits you best. You can either decide to be a franchisor or a franchisee according to your situation.

An example of a franchise business is FOCO Model-based cloud kitchen chain named The Rolling Plate, it is the parent brand of 16 brands. The investment starts from 2.9 Lakh, within this amount of money the company will set up your kitchen with all types of equipment, chefs, and materials, prepare and deliver food all on their own and you’ll be getting 18% profit without lifting one finger after investing money.

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