Most Profitable Franchise Business in India in 2021

Franchise business models are among the most successful business processes in the world. India has its own share of international-grade as well as home-grown franchise options. The majority of these are very profitable and you may have visited them yourself. If you do not know why franchise businesses are such a popular option for starting a new venture, the following list will tell you what examples to look at:

Top 7 High-Profit Low-Investment Franchises in India


1. The Rolling Plate

  • Industry: Food and beverages (North Indian food & Fast Food).
  • Founded in: 2019
  • Investment: 2.9L+ GST
  • Franchise units: More than 250.

Started as recently as 2019, The Rolling Plate is arguably India’s only cloud kitchen franchise business. Basically, the company sets up franchises through investor money and runs it using their own staff. This is a novel business process and it has seen the brand scale a lot of peaks in a short time. At present, the brand has 250 units under its belt and is working with delivery partners in Zomato and Swiggy. According to the official information, you can start a franchise with TRP for as little as INR 2.9 lakhs. If you are always on the watch for new and exciting business investment option, this one would be our top recommendation for 2021 and beyond.

2. Lakme Salon

  • Founded in: 1952.
  • Industry: Personal care and Beauty salon.
  • Investment: INR 50-60 lakhs.
  • Franchise units: 400+(approximately)

When it comes to the beauty market, few
companies can match Lakme’s prestige. The long-standing franchise enterprise
has a presence in
125 cities
and is one of India’s most profitable. Starting a venture with this franchise’
license will cost you about INR 50 lakhs and you can start seeing profits in 1
year or so. While the beauty market is really moving fast in India, Lakme still
holds a position of prominence consistently outdone by its innovations and
trendsetting. As such, it is one of the best franchise investment options for
entrepreneurs in the beauty market right now.

3. Giani’s

  • Founded in: 1956.
  • Industry: Food and beverages (desserts and ice creams).
  • Investment: INR 11-14 Lakhs.
  • Franchise units: 50+ (approximately).

Giani’s is another major food and beverage brand in India with a massive following and reputation. While it is only limited to ice creams, the brand reputation for this franchise rivals that of Kwality-Walls, Nestle and Baskin-Robbins. Recently, it has also included deserts on its menu and added some new franchises as well. At present, you need about INR 10 to 2 lakhs to start a Giani franchise. You will also need to clear food safety and quality parameters to get the license. But once you have it, you can join the illustrious 50+ franchise outlets under this brand’s banner.

4. Subway

  • Founded in: 1965.
  • Industry: Food and beverages (fast food).
  • Investment: INR 54-90 lakhs.
  • Franchise units: More than 41,600 in world.

Now that we have looked at some home-grown brands, it is time for a more internationally-known name. With over 500 international franchise outlets in India, this brand has made a very strong statement in the market since it entered. Every fast food lover has drooled over the exclusive taste palette offered by its renowned sandwiches. As for investors, Subway does demand a consider INR 54-90 lakhs for setting up a franchise, you will also need to meet food quality and safety criteria to get the license. However, the benefits of having the Subway franchise name and its loyal international following is definitely one worth investing for.

5. Inxpress

  • Founded in: 2011.
  • Industry: Courier and delivery.
  • Investment: INR 5-10 lakhs.
  • Franchise units: 20-50.

While restaurant franchises are among the most visible franchise business that you may have come across, you will find the franchise model in other industries as well. Courier and postage services feature among the largest and most widespread franchise numbers in the world. Inxpress is an Indian franchise which has made a considerable impact on the Indian postage market since 2011. The company requires about INR 5 lakhs to start a franchise delivery service and at present, there are about 5 of these across India. The unique feature of these franchise delivery businesses is that they are very economical and are virtually recession-proof. Further, the market competition is low and so, you can expect steady business and profit for low investment.

6. DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd.

  • Founded in: 1990.
  • Industry: Courier and delivery.
  • Investment: INR 50,000 – INR 2 lakhs.
  • Franchise units: 1000+.

DTDC is one of the most recognizable brand names in the Indian postage and cargo service market. This company has operated in the country since 1990 and has built up a very strong network. There are currently over 1000 franchise outlets for this company and new ones open up every once in a while. The easy but brisk nature of the business makes it a lucrative option for franchise investors. You will need about INR 2 lakhs to get your franchise business going with the DTDC brand name. Of course, you must also consider other factors like governmental and legal oversight and compliance but this is a very good franchise investment option to consider.

7. Lenskart

  • Founded in: 2010.
  • Industry: Eyewear.
  • Investment: INR 25-35 lakhs.
  • Franchise units: 330+ (approximately).

Lenskart is among the new breed of franchise investment options emergent in India. The company itself started in 2010 and has become a major success over the last 5 years or so. The pandemic has been particularly favorable to this business and now it is charting sales higher than ever. At present, there are over 330 franchise outlets operating under this brand’s name. You will need about INR 35 lakhs to start a new franchise outlet and there is virtually no government oversight issues here. With such high sales, a popular brand offering and great future prospects under a new generation of franchise CEOs and heads, this brand is definitely worth the investment money for many.

Which Franchise Investment Opportunity is Right for you in 2021?

Franchise investment opportunities are among the most viable business options for entrepreneurs and investors in the market today. There are many models which offer a great choice to investors. However, their profits will always vary by a number of factors including industry, brand name, recall value, broad market economics etc. Choosing the right investment opportunity for you in franchises will be based on your financial position and personal preferences. The majority of these franchises are high-performing businesses and investing in them is a great idea. You should consult your investment partners or other parties and make a strong investment bid to ensure long-term profits and success.

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